Member in the Spotlight – Kat and Ryan

1. How did you end up becoming a member at the Port?

K: A few colleagues of mine and I were looking for something to do together after work once our softball season ended. Long story short, they decided as a group to let me join alone. Ryan was coming off a snowboarding injury and was looking to get back into shape quickly and joined me for our first meeting with Sophie. Our goal was to feel strong again, and we realized doing the same workout at Planet Fitness every day wasn’t going to get us there.

2. Kat, what has changed for you since joining? What change are you most proud of?

K: I’ve had so many injuries sustained through running over the years, but since I joined the Port, I haven’t had one. This is the strongest I’ve felt in almost 10 years. There are still so many movements (like everything that requires me to swing on bars or go upside down) that I need to work on, but they all seem more within reach now after being here for over a year. I’ve learned so much from all of the coaches and members at The Port and am constantly amazed by all of them.

3. Ryan, what are a few things you love to do outside of the gym?

R: Surf all seasons, hiking with our dog, getting into more lifetime sports like golf and tennis, visiting different arenas and stadiums across the country (when they’re open again), trying out different breweries.

4. Tell us about 1 goal you each have this year?

K: Be able to do unassisted pull-ups & double unders
R: Improving mobility aka to not look like a fool when doing overhead squats/squat snatch

5. Kat, tell us two things that Ryan couldn’t live without. Ryan, same for Kat?

K: Me and Bronco (our dog)
R: Kat can’t live without TV and dessert

6. What would be your ideal dining date experience of choice?

Fish & chips with a couple of Guinness at an Irish dive pub. Still on the hunt for the perfect pint in NH… SOS.

We’re honored to be chosen as members of the month and so grateful to be part of this community! Thank you Port coaches!

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