October Member Shout Out – Quini Estevez

Quini came to us through a recommendation by another member, Oscar, and since joining he has given 100% to all aspects of being a member here at the Port. Every day he shows up to class with a smile on his face, the most contagious energy, and a tremendous willingness to work hard. He has come to almost all of our events, he competed in the LumberJack20, taking second place in the scaled division, and has even recommended his wife join as well. What is even more incredible, is Quini has done it all while moving to the United States from Spain. So make sure you give him a high five the next time you see him, he certainly deserves it.

1. How did to come to be a part of The Port? What’s the biggest thing that has changed since starting?

A good friend of mine that some of you know, Oscar, (he was here on 2016), told me that if I wanted to start in CrossFit I should go directly to The Port and that’s what I did. The best part is he didn’t recommend The Port due to the installation or the program, he just told me that at The Port I would find the best people and community ever, and he was 100% right.
I feel stronger than ever. All my life I’ve been training and competing in endurance sports and mainly using my legs, so my upper body was really week. However now for the first time ever I feel that my whole body is improving and my overall shape is better than ever before. I even have shoulders!!!! And mentally my approach to suffering and training is different as well, I’m able to stay in the “red zone” for longer without just giving up, and I love it.

2. What your favorite kind of music to listen to while you workout?

I would say any type, music to me is good in any form or shape, but of course if I can choose, metal or hard rock would be the first choices. However I have to say that the last choice will always be “Despacito”…the first day I heard it at The Port I thought it was a joke, but it wasn’t

3. What is your favorite/least favorite CrossFit movement?

My favorite one is the snatch, I’m not good at it, but is so beautiful and challenging that I love it, one day will be mine. The least favorite is with no doubt that evil machine called The Assault Bike, I hate you, I really do…

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4. What was the last thing you Googled?

WOD ROD Calluses removal ??

5. What is your favorite cheat food?

Anything with chocolate, the darker the better. Is beer considered food???

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