Monday – 3/15

The Port


3 Rounds:
10 Air Squats w/ a :02 pause in the bottom
10 Up-Downs
10e Light DB Curl to Press

+ Cossack Squats
+ 90/90 Hip Rotations
+ Banded Hamstring Pull-Downs and Hip Mobility


Back Squat (4 X 3; Building)

Burn Strength

E 3:00 X 4 Rounds:
8 Dual KB RDL
:30 KB Front Rack Hold
8 Dual KB Front Squats

*Goal is to not put the KB’s down for the whole complex. Challenge yourself with your weight choice today but each movement should be done well and controlled.



3 Rounds for Time:
30 Single DB Front Squat (35/25)|(25/20)
30 DB Snatches
8:00 Time Cap

Cool Down

Warm-up (No Measure)

5:00 Foam Roll Legs and Upper Back

Al and Alyssa

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