Monday – 12/21

The Port

Let’s talk about double unders for a moment. Double unders are a skill. Believe it or not, they are in the same family as the butterfly pull-up, ring muscle-up, pistol squat, and handstand walk. These skills of course require bodyweight strength, accuracy, control of the core, and lots and lots of practice to perfect. When these movements appear in a workout, we’re all accustomed to modifying or scaling them to an appropriate level to achieve the intended stimulus of the workout. However, we treat double unders very differently. We try to work through this skill before we’ve perfected the technique; before we should be applying intensity. We find ourselves getting frustrated, losing our HR because we keep whipping ourselves, and feel it really “slows us down”. Now, some level of that is certainly okay, but if you feel it’s interrupting your ability to get a good workout, let’s change our mindset a little bit. Let’s keep our double unders for dedicated skill practice, frequently, until we feel comfortable with them and are ready to try them in a workout. And then in the WOD, choose a modified option that allows you to continue moving through. Hop on the ski erg, mountain climbers, toe touches to a slam ball, or any other options your coaches may suggest, and keep working that skill (just like any other skill) until you’ve got them down!

-Coach Ashley


1:00 Jump Rope
2 Rounds with a Monster Band:
:30 Bike
Monster Walk Down and Back X 2
5 Tempo Air Squats
10e Banded Clamshells
1:00 Jump Rope


Tempo Front Squats 32X1
5 X 3; Building.

Burn Strength

Tempo Double KB Front Rack or
Single KB Goblet Squats 32X1
5 X 5; Across


4 Rounds for Max Reps:
1:00 Double Unders
1:00 Front Rack Lunges
1:00 Manmakers
1:00 Rest

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