Monday – 12/27


New Year Schedule
Friday 12/31 – New Years Eve – 7, 8, 9, 10am Open Gym, Noon
Saturday 1/1 – New Years Day – Normal Schedule

The Port


:30 Bike or Row
8e Half-Kneeling Curl to Press
10 Light Banded Pass Throughs

+ Tricep Smash and Shoulder Prep


A: Single Arm Dumbell Press (5 X 8e)
After each set, complete a Heavy 60ft Farmer’s Carry.
B1: Rolling Tricep Extensions (3 X 12)
Laying on the floor bend your arms at the elbows by bringing two DB’s over your head and let them rest on the floor before bringing them back to full extension.
B2: Banded Pull Aparts (3 X 20)


4 Rounds for Time:
20 alt. DB Hang Snatches
20/16 Cal Bike
20t SA DB S2OH
20/16 Cal Row

Opt. 1: Alt. DB Hang Split Snatches
Opt. 2: Alt. DB Hang Snatches
Opt. 3: Non-Alternating DB Hang Snatches

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