November Focus

Clocks have changed back, we gained an hour of sleep, and with a new month comes a new focus for our programming in the gym! In October, we spent some time once or twice a week on focused skill-work, had short sprint workouts as well as a handful of longer pieces, and tried our hand at a few Benchmark WODs. We brought back Partner Thursday’s and have been adjusting to the slight shifts in our new programming.

Going into November, we will move our focus onto a Wendler-style strength program. At the beginning of the month, we will test the Back Squat, Strict Press, and Deadlift. In the weeks that follow, we will work through the cycle, have a deload week, and then re-test those same lifts in early December. Our coaches have started to remind you of the importance of entering your strength numbers and scores into Wodify, which remains important as we will build from week to week. Having information from the previous sets and reps will help you progress through the cycle.

In the conditioning department, we have three Benchmark WODs coming up, including a crowd favorite called “DT.” In fact, all three of these workouts are on the barbell, and if you love that sort of thing, there’s something to look forward to! If cycling barbells or the Olympic Lifts aren’t in line with your goals or something you enjoy, as always we will have some great modified options. In addition, our Burn track continues to be full of great strength pieces and workouts as well!

We will continue with Partner WODs as you all, our members, seem to love having that as a part of the weekly programming. We will be changing the day they fall on every once in a while though, so be on the lookout for those!

Here’s to a great month ahead with lots of PRs, sweat angels, air fives, and fun with your Port fam!

– Coach Ashley

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