What is it?

This program is specifically designed for individuals or small groups of teen athletes who would like to further their athletic development and fitness. At The Port we focus on movement, conditioning, and overall health. This program will build off that foundation to be more specific sport-focused. Coach Ashley will work with athletes, their parents and families, as well as coaches, to create a plan that best meets each individual or group’s needs. 

Once we begin, all athletes will learn proper movement mechanics and demonstrate them consistently before adding any weight or intensity. Our goal is always safety first and we hope our athletes gain a new level of mental toughness, confidence, and an appreciation for a lifestyle of long-term health. So, grab a few teammates in the off-season and shoot us an email if you would like to learn more!

Through this program we will educate, improve, and consistently work at becoming better. If you are an individual who wants to improve in your sport, or even outside of your sport, we will help you reach your goals.

Pricing / Schedule

The cost for your session will be dependent on the length, frequency of class and number of participants. The cost per teen will range from $12 – $35 per hour session. Contact Ashley to learn more and set up your program!

Ashley Studer

Full-Time Trainer


(603) 988 – 2120

What’s the difference between Port Sport & Teens class?

Port Sport is ideal for individuals and teams that are looking for specific programming to meet their goals as athletes. The Teens class follows more of a GPP (general physical preparedness) approach. Port Sport allows for flexible scheduling where the Teens Class has a set weekly schedule. The Port Sport program invites Coaches to meet with Ashley to discuss their expectations, goals and ideal schedule.

Who is Coach Ashley?

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