Saturday – 11/14

The Port



1:00 Bike
10 High Hang Clean Pulls
10 Hang Muscle Cleans
10 Strict Press
:45 Bike
8 Hang Clean Pulls
8 High Hang Power Cleans
8 Push Jerks
:30 Bike
6 Power Cleans
6 Push Jerks

Power Clean and Push Jerk (3 Reps)

Choose a weight you can use
across for all six minutes. Working
on barbell cycling or, as it may feel,
barbell cardio.

Burn Strength

10 Plate Ground to OH + 10 Plate
Bus Drivers
*Reduce number of reps in order to get
:15 seconds of rest each minute ”


E 3:00 X 5 rounds (15 min)
8 Clean and Jerks
12 Front Rack Lunges
ME cal Bike in time remaining
*At the top of every three minutes, you will
start a new round. But notice, there is no
rest between rounds. Score is how many
bike calories you accumulate but be
careful how you treat this “max effort”
piece on the bike. Finding a sustainable
pace will be key.

Burn WOD

E 3:00 X 5 rounds (15 min)
6e DB Hang Clean and Jerks
12t Goblet Lunges
ME cal Bike in time remaining

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