Saturday – 1/02

The Port

Workouts like this one don’t come around too often. A heavier barbell mixed with a high-skill gymnastics movement means we are going to need to slow down the speed today, dial in our form and technique, and most importantly, create a plan that’s going to work for us. Everyone might be doing something a little different today, which is not only okay, it’s perfect. Let’s all start by picking a weight that’s going to be challenging (think about the volume on this one) but also something we can move fairly easily for at least sets of 5 throughout the workout.

As far as your gymnastics movements go, let’s start thinking about some goals this year. Do you want to get your first strict pull-up? Are you working on linking 5 kipping pull-ups? Do you want to improve your dip strength to start working on ring muscle-ups? Do you just need some extra time working through the movement pattern on the low rings? Come in today with an idea of where you are at and where you’d like to go and our coaches will be there to help you decide how to challenge yourself today.

Options for the skill session may include:
Ring Muscle-Ups (Strict or Kipping)
Muscle-up Transitions on the Low Rings
Kipping or Butterfly Pull-ups/C2B
Kip Swings + Strict Pulling Work

-Coach Ashley


3 Hollow Body Hold to Superman Hold
*Hold for 5 seconds in each position
5 Ring Rows
:10 Ring Support Hold
6e Bodyweight or Light KB SL DL

Skill Work

Min 1- :40 Easy-Moderate Cardio of your choice.
Min 2- :40 of Gymnastics Skill Work

Burn Strength

Min 1- :25 Active Bar Hang + 10 Hollow Banded Lat Pull-Downs
Min 2- 20 Banded Tricep Push-Downs


For Time:
Deadlifts (225/155)|(155/105)
Ring Muscle Ups

Burn WOD

16t alt. SA DB SDLHP
12t Jumping Lunges
8 Push-Ups
Rest :30 Between Rounds

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