Saturday – 7/31

In honor of Coach Kristi finishing 10th at the CrossFit Games, we will be tackling her last (and best finish) workout of the weekend. We are so proud not only of her athletic accomplishments and who she is on the competition floor but equally and perhaps even more, of the athlete she is off the floor. She was the living embodiment of “being present,” taking in each moment, each experience, each finish, with that huge smile we know and love, spread across her face. Port community, thank you for showing up to watch, send messages, congratulations, and love. It was felt and it was heard all the way in Madison!

The Port


35 Banded Pull Aparts
25 Banded Strict Press
15 Jump Squats


3 Rounds:
10/8 Cal Bike
4 Inchworm Push-Ups + 2 Toe Touches
10 Barbell Thrusters


For Time:
Wall Walks
Thrusters (135/95)(115/75)

11min CAP

Modification Options:
– Wall Walks to a comfortable height – similar to the scaled version during The Open.
– Plank Wall Walks – Each time the hands go up and come back down is 1 rep. But the reps would be X 2 (20-16-12-8-4).
– Thrusters or DB Thrusters.

Accessory work

Banded Leg Extensions (3x20t)
Banded Hamstring Curls (3x20t
Set up a band that allows for full range of motion, but still provides a challenge.

Congrats, Coach Kristi!

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