Saturday – 02/06

The Port

Every once in a while, a little Cardio Party is necessary. It’s not always the most exciting, it’s not flashy and fun to watch like muscle-ups or 1-rep Clean and Jerks, but man is it good for us. To build the engine, to flush out the system, to get sweaty. The most important thing about this workout today is how you pace it. The goal is NOT to go as fast as you can every :45. The goal today is to find your 80-85% pace for each of these movements and stay there, for 20 minutes.

But, why?

Being “good” at CrossFit doesn’t only mean you can go fast. Improving in CrossFit-style workouts means you can go fast, you can pace and go long, you can hold a specific output, rest, and repeat it, and basically everything in between. Developing your aerobic engine is very similar to developing strength in your Back Squat. If you came in and were asked to lift 100% of your 1-rep every :30 for 20 minutes, you’d look at your coaches like they were crazy. If we asked you to lift 80% one time every :30 for 20 minutes, you’d be like, “okay, that sounds tough but do-able.” And that’s what we’re looking for today. Do you know what your 80% looks like and feels like? Can you find it today? And can you hold it for 20 minutes?

Let’s find out. See you in class.

-Coach Ashley


2:00 Cardio of Your Choice
+ 3 Rounds:
10 Calf-Raises
10 Close-Stance Air Squats
10 Bodyweight Good Mornings
10t alt. Single-Leg V-Ups


4 Sets for Quality:
Each movement done slow + controlled.
12t Pistols or Single-leg Box Squats
8e SL RDL w/ 2 DB’s
10 Superman Lifts w/ :03 Pause*
*Start by lying flat, engage into a superman and hold for :03, then lower back down flat.


Cardio Party
*Goal is to move each minute at your 80-85% Pace

EMOM X 16:
Min 1- :45 Bike
Min 2- :45 Double-Unders
Min 3- :45 Row
Min 4- :45 Burpee Touches
Min 5- :45 Bodyweight Step-Ups

*Underneath the rig or in your square, arms extend overhead all the way.


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