Sunday – 6/20

The Port – CrossFit


5 Rounds

100m Row Easy
100m Row Easy/Mod
100m Row Mod
100m Row Moderate/Hard
100m Row Hard

R1: Push-Ups
R2: Lunges
R3: Ring Rows
R4: Sit-Ups
R5: Burpees


4 Rounds:
:20 Side Plank Left
:20 Side Plank Right
:20 Leg Lowers
:20 Controlled Russian Twists
1:40 Rest


Rowing Intervals (Pacing Work)

1:00 Row Easy
:30 Row Hard
1:00 Row Moderate
:30 Row Easy

2:00 Rest X 5 Rounds.

Score is number of rounds you were able to hold on to the pacing you laid out for yourself.
Before you begin, everyone is going to write down their pacing goals for each part of the workout. You may count the round if you are able to stay within 3 seconds of the goals you write out for yourself.

Easy: 2:03
Moderate: 1:55
Hard: 1:44


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