Sunday – 6/27

The Port


2 Rounds w/ a focus on finding a good pace for the day and your breathing.

:30 Bike
:15 Rest
:30 Row
:15 Rest
:30 Jump Rope
:15 Rest

+ Monster Band Shoulder Activation Drills


A. 30-20-10
Banded Scap Squeezes (Pull-Aparts)
Banded Dislocates
Banded Curls
B: Push-ups (3 X 10)
Make these challenging today. You can add a weight, a deficit, or alternating elevated push-ups with one hand on a 45# plate.


3 Rounds @75% Effort:
18/15 Cal Bike
9 Bar Facing Burpees
18/15 Cal Row
12 Sit-ups
36 Double or Single Unders
Goal today is to maintain a steady heart rate. At no point should you need to stop to catch your breath, if you can learn to slow down and breathe through your movements. You should be able to finish this workout without dying on the floor!


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