Sunday – 10/31


Check your email for info about our Nutrition Challenge starting Monday!

The Port


400m Run

10t Floor Scrapers
10t Bootstrap Squats
10t Spiderman Lunge w/ Twist
10 Down Dog through to Up Dog
10 Scorpion Stretches

+ DB Movement Prep for the WOD

“Hocus Pocus”

3 Rounds with a Partner:
10 Devil’s Press
200m Run
15 DB Cleans
200m Run
20 DB Floor Press
200m Run
25 DB Front Squats

Rest 2:00 Between Sets.

*For each of the movements, both partners will do the total reps but broken up however with one person working a time. For example, each partner will do 10 Devil’s Press all the way to each partner doing 25 DB Squats each.

*For the running, both partners will run together.


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