Thursday- 3/25

The Port


3 Rounds:
10t Unweighted Windmills
8 Push-Up to Down Dog
10 Down Dog Toe Touches
8 Scorpions w/ Shoulder Stretch


EMOM X 12:
Min 1: :40 Elevated Plank
Min 2: :40 Chair, Bench, or Box Dips
Min 3: :40 Lateral Raises using any two weights, water bottles, books, etc.

*Score is number of reps of dips and lateral raises only.


4 Rounds for Quality:
20t Lunges
15 Hollow Rocks
20 Onto or Over Jumps*
12 Push-Ups
20t Crossbody Mountain Climbers
9 Ground to Overhead**

*Jump onto or over a box, a stack of books, up onto a step or ledge.

**Find something heavy-ish that you can clean and jerk overhead! A backpack, a foam roller stuffed with a wet towel, get creative 🙂

Cool Down

TABATA Stretching (:20 work/:10 transition) 2 times through.
Down Down
Up Dog
Child’s Pose
Cat Stretch
Tricep Stretch
Lying Front of Shoulder L
Lying Front of Shoulder R

Erin, Tobi and Jennifer

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