Thursday – 9/9


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The Port


2:00 Bike


3 Rounds:
6 BB Sumo Deadlifts
6 Elbow Punches
6 Strict Press – Push Press – Push Jerk
6e Back Rack Lunges

Post-Workout Strength

A1: KB Sumo Deadlift (3 X 10 @ 3111 Tempo)
A2: Banded Hamstring Curls (3 X 25)
Set up a band that allows for full range of motion, but still provides a challenge.


Partner Workout!

3 Sets:
3:00 Max Cal Bike
2:00 Back Rack Lunges (135/95)(115/75)
1:00 Shoulder to OH

Rest 1:00 Between Rounds.

Split the time with your partner however you’d like.

Score is total reps.


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