Thursday – 1/6

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Port Members!

First of all, Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful few Holiday weeks of being with loved ones, starting off the ski season, getting some extra rest, and hopefully some really good meals. With January already here, it’s time to start thinking about, and preparing for, the CrossFit Open which is just a few weeks away (7 to be exact). Over the next few weeks, you can expect to start seeing a bit more of the things we know will be showing up in The Open; barbell cycling, gymnastics volume, high-heart rate intervals, and to be more movement specific, some good old practice with the wallball, the rower, double-unders and last but not least, you love to hate them, the many variations of the burpee. Now, these are certain things we practice all year round, as general functional fitness and strength are always the goals. However, our programming big picture places a focus on certain things as the year progresses, and I think it’s important to share that with you as the months go on!

A few new things you can expect from the first few months of 2021:

January-February: Barbell Cycling, Open WOD Re-Tests on Fridays, plenty of gymnastics practice and conditioning work.

March-April: The Open and Friday Night Lights! Thursdays will be dedicated to Mobility Work and BodyBuilding, while Partner WOD’s will be moved to Saturday mornings.

May: Running and Murph Prep, Unilateral Training.

I’m feeling really excited for this year and all the fitness that is going to come along with it! If you have any questions at all, shoot me a message and I would love to chat!

Here’s to 2022!



2:00 Ski or Row
Set Up a Barbell on a Rack for –
*Tricep, Bicep, Forearm Smash
*Assisted Hip Airplanes
*Leg Swings all directions + Calf Stretches at the Rig

BB or PVC Deadlifts
BB or PVC Bicep Curls
Box Jumps


Deadlift (5 Working Sets to Build to a Heavy 3 for the day)

Burn Strength

3 Sets:
20 Weighted Glute Bridges
:40 Top of Glute Bridge Hold (Unweighted)
Rest 1:00 Between Sets.


3 Sets of 10 Foam Roller Body Saws


With a Partner! One person working at a time, split work, however.

3 Sets:

3:00 AMRAP:
16 Deadlifts (185/135)(135/95)
32 Box Jump, Step Downs.

Right Into…

2:00 Odd Object Carry*

Right Into…

1:00 Rest

*You can alternate how you carry each round.
– Farmer’s Carry
– Front Rack Carry
– Mixed Carry (1 OH, 1 Farmer’s, 1 Front Rack, etc).
– Sandbag Carry (Hug or Over the Shoulder)


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