Tuesday – 1/26

The Port


TABATA Burpees

+ Banded Shoulder Mobility

+ Coach-led Push/Pull Gymnastics Warm-Up


3 Sets for Quality:
3-5 Weighted Pull-Ups
3-5 Tempo Box Strict HSPU (3101)
20 *light* Band Pull- Aparts
15-20 Hollow Rocks

Burn Strength

3 Sets:
20t Plank Up-Downs
20 *light* Band Pull-Aparts
8 Double DB Supinated Bent Over Rows*
*Slow and controlled today; pause at the top of each rep and add a slow negative.


For Time:
20/15 Cal Bike
18 Strict HSPU
18 Strict Pull-Ups
20/15 Cal Bike
36 Handstand Push-Ups
36 Pull-Ups

Burn WOD

4 Rounds for Time:
10/8 Cal Bike
8 DB Strict Press
8 DB Push Press
12 Seated Piked Pull-Ups
Choose a challenging weight for your DB’s today and if you can, elevate your feet on the pull-ups!


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