Tuesday – 6/8

The Port


2 Rounds:
10t Slow Bird Dogs
10e Single-Leg Glute Bridges
10t Iron Crosses

+ 3 Rounds:
250/200m Row
:30 Wall-Sit
10 Air Squats – Back Squats


Back Squat (5.3.1 X 3 ; Every 1:30)
First set of 5 – 70%
Last set of 1 – 90%

Burn Strength

A: Bulgarian Split Squats (4 x 6e)
Weight in Goblet Position again, increase weight
from last week. Make these challenging today!

Rest 2 min between sets.
B1: Banded Good Mornings (3 x 12)
Detail band color and thickness in comments
B2: Leg Lift Overs (3 x 10e)


2 Rounds:
800/725m Row
21 Hand-Release Push-Ups
60ft DB Walking Lunge (50/35)*

Rest 2:00.

*2 DB’s in the Front Rack Position

Burn WOD

2 Rounds:
350m Row
14 DB Bench Press
14t DB Lunges

Rest 2:00

2 Rounds:
200m Row
8 DB Bench Press
8t DB Lunges

First 2 rounds to be done at a light-moderate weight.
The second 2 rounds to be done at a moderate-heavy weight.

Matt and Joab

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