Tuesday – 8/17


Sign Up for our first annual Port Golf Tournament!

The Port


400m Run


2 Rounds:
10 Monster Band Steps Each Way
10 Calf Raises
10 Kip Swings (With band- feet together!)
5 Strict Knee Raises

+ Coach-Led T2B Warm-Up and Box Step-Over Practice


For Time:
20 T2B*
800m Run
20 T2B
40 Box Step Overs (50/35)**
20 T2B
800m Run
20 T2B

*T2B must be done in three sets or less!
**Step OVERs today with two dumbbells.

Burn WOD

3 Rounds:
600m Run
20t DB Box Step-Ups
30 Sit-Ups

Post-Workout Strength

GHD back extensions (3 X 10-12)
Or 3 X 15 Superman Hold Lifts

Sean, Madi, & Skylar

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