Wednesday – 2/24

The PorT


3 Rounds; increasing intensity.
12/10 Cal Row
25 Single or Double Unders

Hamstring Mobility


10 Good Mornings
10 Glute Bridges
10 Seated Leg Lifts
5e Single-Leg Deadlifts
5e Single-Leg Glute Bridges
10 Lying Tucks

Go Over the Wallball Deadbug


A1. : Single-leg RDL (3 X 10e )

Holding onto one KB with both hands today. Keep the back flat and the hips square.

A2. : Single Leg Glute Bridges (3 X 10e )

No weight, just focus on full ROM and constant engagement of the core.

A3. : Deadbugs (3 x 1:00 )

The deadbugs need to be slow and deliberate. Each rep should take you 4 seconds, with full tension.


3-4 Rounds:
500m Row
60 Double Unders*
250m Row

Rest :90 between rounds.

*Alt. Options:
20 Single Single Double Jumps
60 Penguin Jumps or Plate Hops
60 Single Unders

Tim M.

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