Wednesday – 6/16

The Port


100m Run X 5
Switch off with a partner. Increase pace each round.
Last round is a 75-80% effort.

+ Tricep, Forearm, Bicep Smash

+ Coach-Led Warm-Up to prepare for the movements in the WOD


EMOM X 28:
Min 1: 8-10 “Odd” Grip Strict Pull-Up
Min 2: 100m Run
Min 3: :45 Object Hold w/ KB’s or DB’s
Min 4: :45 Gymnastics Hold

Min 1 Options:
Mixed Grip
Chin-Up Grip

Min 3 Options:
Farmer’s Hold
Front Rack Hold
Mixed Hold Variations
Floor Press Hold

Min 4 Options:
Plank or Side Plank
Hollow Hold
Glute Bridge Hold
HS Hold Variations


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