WOD – Monday 2/11

Don’t forget, the last skill session is this Thursday at 5:15. What better way than to spend your Valentines day with the Mahan’s learning how to improve your muscle up technique. Make sure to sign up, numbers are limited.

The Open is almost here and the AM is already way ahead in participation numbers. PM needs to step up and sign up.

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 4 min AMRAP
10e SA KBS (left then right)
10e SA KB strict press
10t ring rows

Quick shoulder mobility

A1. Strict press – 5×5; building
A2. Pull-ups – 5×2.2.2; AHAP (build if possible)
*cluster format
So we are going to build in the strict press. Starting above 70% and adding weight each time. Maybe even to a new 5RM. The pull-ups are going to be cluster format. Do 2, come off the bar and rest :10, do 2 and then rest for another :10 and then do 2. If you can add weight to these, please do so.

“Cabin Class”
6 rounds
50m shuttle run
10/8 cals AB
Rest 1:00
*sprint both aspects of this WOD
This is going to be a sprint and therefore is going to take some mental fortitude. Make sure you are pushing yourself appropriately so the work to rest ratio will help you recover but your heart rate never really comes all the way back down. Sprint the 5 lengths of the shuttle run and then crush the short cals on the bike. The 1-minute rest is going to go fast, but don’t think about it until the end.

Accessory Work
1. Bodybuilding – 4 rounds
10 ring push-ups
10 ring rows
20 hollow hold, plate switches
2. Banded work – accumulate 100 each
Banded standing reverse flyes (use 2 bands)
Banded pull-throughs
3. Interval work – 500m rowing intervals
500m row, rest 1:30, x4
4. Gymnastics – HS push-up strength
4 or 5 rounds
15 seated DB strict press
:30 HS hold
*no rest between the press and hold, rest as needed after the hol
5. Core work – 3 rounds
20 med ball alternating V-ups (switch between holding the med ball with the arms and legs each rep)
20 slow Russian twists w/med ball
:20 L-sit on rings

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