WOD – Monday 8/10

1:00 in Z1
10 air squats
10 side lunges
1:00 in Z2
10 deadlifts
10 back squats
1:00 in Z3

Back squat –
Build when sets decrease, stay across in same rep sets.

A1. Front foot elevated split squats – 4×8; AHAP
A2. Goblet squats – 4×15
A1 is done with your front foot slightly elevated, back foot is planted on the ground.

5 rounds
1:00 of work, 1:00 of rest
12 T2B
ME cals on AB with time remaining

5 rounds
1:00 of work, 1:00 of rest
12 laying toe touches
ME cals on AB with time remaining
P@YP option max 10m shuttle runs in time remaining

Fathom – 10:00 of total time but only 5:00 of working time
Gear – hard individual efforts each minute
Knots – you must complete the T2B unbroken so you can quickly transition into a :30 (or more) bike sprint. Cut the reps to make sure you can do all 5 rounds unbroken. You should be really trying to hammer on the bike, but also remember that you have 5 total rounds. So the goal is to get as many calories as you can each time, the bigger goal is to find a sustainable pace. Each round should be the same output.
Current – proper set up will make a big difference today. Transition time will impact your ability to work the entire time.

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