WOD – Sunday 8/2

3 rounds
100m shuttle run
10 G2OH with a plate
10 kip swings + 5 strict pull-ups

3 rounds
Strict pull-ups; you choose rep scheme
15 plate raises

2 min AMRAP
200m run
15 air squats
ME sit-ups in time remaining
Rest 1:00, x5

Fathom – 2-minute intervals but with a far different work to rest ratio than Tuesdays rowing intervals
Gear – because you aren’t getting as much rest between rounds, you really cannot push as hard as you might have. Push, but stay away from a really high heart rate because 1 minute isn’t enough to get it back down to resting.
Knots – push the run a bit, get through the air squats and then deliberately keep getting reps in whatever time you have left in sit-ups
Current – please, as you come in from the run, be careful not to walk through anyone else’s square.

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