WOD – Thursday 10/1

Spend 2 minutes in Z1; coaches choice
Then, for quality
10 med ball front squats
10 kip swings
10e med ball reverse lunges
10 hanging leg raises

Find a 7RM front squat from the ground
You and your partner have 7 minutes to find a max lift each. You can each try up to three different weights.
Total weight is your score

100 double DB front squats
Non-squatting partner must hold a wall sit
Break up the reps however you want.

Rest 5:00

All tracks
15 min AMRAP
A. 100m shuttle run
20 wall balls
B. 200m run
10 T2B
P1 completes A, then P2 completes A. P1 then moves to B, after which P2 can then complete B.

Fathom – all in all, very little working time
Gear – you know what that means, when it is your turn to go, you better bring it
Knots – really try to guess pretty close to your first or second front squat attempt. Doing too many sets will really take a lot out of you. Think between 80 and 85% of your 1RM. Then, hammer the workout. You go, I go.
Current – all your own equipment, in your own square. Except for the running and wall balls

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