WOD – Thursday 8/13

Coach led running warm-up

All tracks
200m run
Rest 1:30, x10

Fathom – moderate length for total time, short intervals of working time
Gear – running intervals are a very specific stimulus. You should feel like you went too easy in round one and then you can barely hold on in round 10.
Knots – any kind of repeats all have the same goal and that is to find a pace you can sustain. As you get more fit, the goal is to decrease that pace time. You should not feel like you need to blow the first interval out of the water. You should barely feel out of breath if you did it right. But it should be a challenge to hold that pace the entire time.

Accessory work
6 min EMOM
5 really hard, strict pulls.
Option 1 – muscle-ups
Option 2 – C2B
Option 3 – pull-up
Option 4 – ring row or inverted row
PYOP option – banded pull-downs or bent over rows x2

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