WOD – Tuesday 8/18

400m run
Then, spend the next 8 minutes warming up for the WOD front squats building in weight
6 burpees
6 step-ups/box jumps

All tracks
5 min running clock
Buy in: 400m run
Then, with time remaining, AMRAP
15 front squats/goblet squats
6 burpee box jump overs
Rest 3:00, x4
Front squat reps decrease each AMRAP
**you must add weight each time**
95/65, 115/75, 135/95, 155/105#
Burn should use a DB for each round, looking to get progressively heavier

Fathom – this workout will take 29 minutes on a running clock, but you will be working for 20 in 5 minute intervals. Three minutes is a lot of rest, so regardless of how hard you push the pace, you will be able to recover quite a bite before your next run.
Gear – push each interval knowing you are going to get that recovery time. I want you to almost treat each interval like it is the only thing you are doing today. Do not hold back and think about the next round. Stay invested in the one you are in and get the most out of it.
Knots – We never want to truly redline so find a way to settle into a pace when you come in from your run. The front squats increases in weight every time, but they should be unbroken every time you pick up the bar, so modify your approach with that in mind.
Current – once you come in from your run, your square is the place to be.

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