WOD – Wednesday 7/8

3 rounds
200m run
10 scap pull-ups
10 kip swings
10 wall balls

All tracks
Kipping for your hardest progression on the rig – pull-ups, C2B, or bar muscle-ups

Optional strength
Spend 8 minutes warming up the clean and jerk. Build past a weight you plan on using today.

16 min AMRAP
24 wall balls
12 clean and jerk
2 kipping progressions; pull-ups, C@B, or bar muscle-ups.
*start with 2. Add 2 each round.
Fathom – moderate AMRAP, on the long side, but still moderate. Even though it might not seem like it, but a difference of four minutes between today’s and Monday’s AMRAP will seem like hours if you do not pace this one differently. Hopefully, you are learning more about what that means and you are not approaching every workout without a plan and the same intent.
Gear – 4th gear. The movements here will really push the HR so finding rest between them is key. Take your time in transitions and try to catch your breath before you pick up the ball or bar.
Knots – the barbell should be light and 12 reps will be hard but it shouldn’t be so heavy that you have to break your sets into 3 or 4 sets. The linchpin in today’s workout is clearly your choice of gymnastic pull. Try to complete something that will really challenge you, maybe even force you to do doubles in the later rounds.
Current – your bar will obviously be in your box and your wall ball station correlates to your box number. Where you do your pull-ups/C2B/bar muscle-ups should be close enough to your wall ball station but cannot impede on anyone else’s work.

16 min AMRAP
24 wall balls
12t SA DB hang clean and jerks
14 inverted rows

P@YP option
Sub DB goblet thruster for wall balls and DB bent over row for inverted row

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