Member in the Spotlight – Elise

In the midst of the Open, a time when it is so important to reflect on years past, The Port would like to recognize our next Member in the Spotlight. The recipient of this award is someone who has been with us for a long time and has exhibited our core values every single day, both inside and outside of the gym. This person inspires by doing, is constantly positive, works hard, wants to get better themselves while seeing everyone around them do so as well.

This Member in the Spotlight does exactly that. The entire time she has been with us she has balanced being a high school student, an excellent soccer player and a dedicated CrossFit Athlete. Last year she was ranked in the top 200 of the teenage division while getting all her training in either before school or after soccer practice. Sometimes at 5am or even 6:15.

You will never hear her complain, and her rare smile is contagious amongst her peers and coaches. Elise is truly an inspiration and the Port couldn’t be more proud to have watched her growth the past 4 years. Here’s to a truly incredible future. Congratulations Elise and good luck in this years Open.

1. When and how did you get started at the Port?

I started at the Port in 2014 because I wanted to stay in shape while I wasn’t playing soccer and I had heard about CrossFit from one of the seniors at my school.

2. Favorite workout?/Least favorite workout?

My favorite workout would probably be a partner workout because my partner always pushes me to work harder. My least favorite workout would be most workouts with toes to bar.

3. What’s your favorite Port event or tradition?

My favorite Port event is during the open when everyone comes and does the workout on Friday night. It really shows how supportive everyone is of each other and it’s lots of fun!

4. What is your favorite type of music to listen to when you workout?

Anything that’s upbeat.

5. What’s your favorite cheat food?

A chicken burrito.

6. What superpower would you want to possess?

I would want to be able to fly.

7. What is something on your bucket list you want to complete in the next 5 years?

I really want to go skydiving when I turn 18.

8. What’s your favorite non-CrossFit activity you like to do out of the gym?

Outside of the gym I like to hangout with my friends and go kayaking and snowshoeing.

9. If you could have lunch with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?

I would want to have lunch with Alex Morgan because she’s a great soccer player.

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