Friday – 5/28

The Port


3:00 Monster Band Shoulder Warm-Up


3 Rounds:
20 Lunges
8e Half-Kneeling Strict Press
10 Sit-Ups

+ Coach-led Front Rack Mobility


Lunge Annie

50 – 40 – 30 – 20 – 10
Double Unders


Push Press (5 X 3 between 80-90% )

Last set is a Max Effort set.

Burn Strength

A1: DB push press (5 X 5 )

A2: Banded rotations (5 X 8e)

Grab a lighter band and place it on an upright slightly above your eyes. Gripping the band in one hand and placing the other over your closed fist, keep your arms straight and feet anchored. Explosively rotate at the hips bringing the band with you.

Cool Down

For Recovery:
5:00 Foam Roll/Lacrosse Ball Traps + Upper Back


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