Friday – 8/13


Sign Up for our first annual Port Golf Tournament!

The Port


2:00 Row –
:30 Arms Only, :30 Legs Only, 1:00 Full Body

:15 Mixed Grip Bar Hang
10 Ring Rows
:15 Opposite Mixed Grip Bar Hang
5 Ring Rows w/ :03 at the Top of Each Rep
:30 Active Hang


L1: Weighted Pull-ups (6 X 2; Across.)
A little heavier than last week’s 5 X 3.

L2: Strict Pull-Up (5-6 Sets.)
1 Set = :05 Chin Over the Bar Hold + Strict Pull-Up Negative + :10 Bar Hang

L3: Inverted BB row (5 X 8)
Feet on a box if you can, otherwise make these as challenging as you can while moving through full ROM.


Death Row

EMOM 14:
Evens: 15/12 Cal Row
Odds: 15 Burpees Over Rower

*Scale as needed to accomplish the work in each minute in :50-:45 or less. Score is the number of rounds you complete at your numbers. Track your calorie and burpee numbers in notes.


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