Friday – 10/1


ZYIA Active will be at The Port this Saturday and will be hosting a week-long party for members of The Port to shop and explore the brand! Please request to join the FB group to see updates throughout the week. Use the shopping link to explore and shop!

Shopping link!

Facebook link!

The Port


3 Rounds:
10 BB Sumo Deadlifts
5 Muscle Cleans
10t Elbow Punches
5 Strict Press
10t Samson Lunges – Step-Ups – Box Jumps


For Quality

15 Box Jumps
20 Sumo Deadlifts
10 Handstand Push-Ups

Rest 2:00 X 4 Rounds

*Each round, the Deadlift weight increases, but the reps go down by 5

R1: (185/135) (135/95)
R2: (225/155) (155/105)
R3: (255/175) (185/135)
R4: (275/185) (205/145)


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