July’s Member ShoutOut – Elizabeth DeTolla

Every month the coaches come together and pick one person who has inspired them by their performance in the gym. When we talk about performance, we leave times and weights completely out of it and focus on dedication, work ethic, and attitude. Someone who comes consistently, who works hard every time they are in the gym, for the hour they are in the gym, maybe more, and someone who brings a positive attitude along with it all. That is the definition of Elizabeth as a member. She is here more than some of our coaches and when she is here she is focused on getting better, working hard, getting results and her attitude is incredible. It never fails when “hot in here” comes on, Elizabeth will be dancing, even in the middle of her WOD.

Her energy is so contagious, her entire family comes to The Port (minus 2).

1. How did you become part of The Port? What’s the biggest thing that has changed since starting?

I have always participated in sports. I played field hockey and lacrosse in college but running was always my go-to exercise. About 5 years ago I started to want more and although I dabbled in some weight lifting and spin classes I couldn’t find my passion. One Thanksgiving I was talking to my sister in law about CrossFit and how it changed her perspective on fitness and it all seemed very intriguing to me. That following Monday I called Sophie and from my very first class, I was hooked.

Although it is still a daily struggle, I am more flexible than I was before I started CrossFit. I couldn’t even go below parallel in an OHS with a trainer bar!! I never put any serious time or commitment to stretching before …. I now realize the importance.

2. What’s your favorite kind of music to listen to while you workout?

I can basically workout (or try to dance)to any type of music but my absolute favorite is late 90s, early 2000 pop… so cheesy but I love it. Boy Bands and Nelly, Pink and Destiny’s Child…..does it get any better?

3. What’s your favorite/least favorite CrossFit movement?

Ironically, my favorite movement, the squat snatch, is one I use to dread and avoid. It is always a reminder of how far I have come and still inspiring to make me want more.

I’m not a huge fan of deadlifts and toes to bar are forever a work in progress

***Screenshot your most used emoji’s tab and your smartphone’s wallpaper.

4. What was the last thing you Googled?

The last thing I googled is “Fox with mange”

5. What’s your favorite cheat food?

My favorite cheat food is “day old”

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