Port @your Place – Saturday 4/18

Weeks and weekdays seem to blend. Saturday mornings do not have the same “feel” as they did before. Maybe it is because we don’t appreciate the time since we all have a little more of it. So today do something that you would have done before. Big or small, it is incredible how much you miss the routine.

We switched the workout because Sunday is supposed to be a lot nicer for some running. So excuse my introduction here, this is your whiteboard and push play for Saturday, April 18th.


:30 jumping jacks
:30 seal jacks
Then two rounds of
10 arm circles forward
10 arm circles backward
10 good mornings
10 Y’s
10 T’s
10 air squats
10 cossack squats

“Take a Chance on Me”
15 min AMRAP
60 DU’s
50 air squats
40 sit-ups
30 explosive step-ups
20 mountain climbers
10 box dips

Core work
3 sets
:45 straight leg sit-ups
:45 SA v-ups, alternating
:45 flutter kicks
:45 scissor kicks
Rest :45 b/t sets

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