Saturday – 6/12

The Port


3 Rounds w/ 1 DB:
6e Deadlifts
6e Swings – Hang Cleans
6e Strict Press – Push Press – Push Jerk
In between each round: :45 Ring or Bar Hang

+ Coach-Led Ring Muscle-Up Drills

Skill Work

Muscle-ups (EMOM X 8)
Options for your EMOM today will be based on 1 of 3 options:
– Building Strength
– Working Technique and Efficiency
– Endurance


3 Rounds:
9 Ring Muscle-Ups
+ 2 Rounds:
12 DB Deadlifts (50/35)(40/25)
9 DB Hang Cleans
6 DB Shoulder to Overhead

Rest 2:00 Between Rounds.
This is a very aggressive RX WOD! Modify reps, weights, movements, to allow for each round to take 4-5 minutes or less


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