Sunday – 10/11

2 rounds
200m run
10t single leg RDL’s
10 glute bridges
1 round
200m run
10 deadlifts

Deadlift – 2/3×3
2 building sets and 3 sets across

A1. DB deadlift – 5×8 w/31X1 tempo
A2. Deadbugs – 5x20t with control

All tracks
16 min AMRAP
24/20 cals AB
200m run
16 DB deadlifts

Fathom – 16 minutes in length, so middle of the pack. Very moderate
Gear – back to back cardio pieces that will force your heart rate. Very conditioning like feel.
Knots – understand that there are two ways that workouts raise your heart rate. Movement and time under tension. Today does not include a ton of time under tension but it is going to force you to move a lot. Try to settle into a pace for both the run and biking.
Current – only leaving your box for a short run

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