WOD – Saturday 10/10

800m row in with increasing intensity
Then, quick coach led stretch

All tracks
Every 1:30, x5
10 tuck-ups
:15 hollow hold
10 hollow rocks
:15 hollow hold
10/10 Russian twists

3 rounds
60 DU’s
30/24 cals row
5 wall walks

3 rounds
40m shuttle run
30/24 cals row
5 wall walks

Fathom – shorter moderate, or moderately short. Either way, not too long.
Gear – you could almost be reckless with your pace today
Knots – looking at this workout, the only hang up would be the wall walks at the end. BUT, even with a faster pace, you aren’t going to fail a wall walk. You might have to slow them down a bit. But not so much you would have to pace the DU’s and row.
Current – be respectful when moving to and from your wall walk space

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