Thursday – 4/15

The Port


1:00 Bike

+ 3 Rounds w/ a PVC or Barbell
10 Air Squats – Front Squats – Overhead Squats
10 Strict Press – Push Press- Push Jerk
10 Hollow Hold Banded Pull-Downs

1:00 Bike


72/66/60 Cal Bike
60 Air Squats
48 Hand-Release Push-Ups
36 Toes-to-Rings
48 Front Squats (115/80)(95/65)
36 Push Press
24 Toes-to-Rings
36 Overhead Squats
24 Push Jerks
12 Toes-to-Rings

With a buddy today, split the work however you’d like.

Accessory work

A: Bulgarian split squats

One KB in the Front Rack Position.
For today, two KB or DB in the Suitcase Hold Position.

B1: Monster walks (10 Steps L + 10 Steps R )

with a monster band around the thigh

B2: Single Leg Glute Bridges (10 reps each leg)

No weight, just focus on full ROM and constant engagement of the core.

B3: Wall Sit (:45 Seconds )


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