Tom F

1) How did you get involved in CrossFit? What was your first WOD/experience?

A friend of mine, Garrett, had been going to The Port for a few years and kept talking about how much he really enjoyed CrossFit. It was really impressive to see his level of fitness progress. So in June of 2015, having just moved back to the Seacoast area, he connected me to Justin for an introduction to the gym and CrossFit.

After going through training with Justin my first actual class WOD was in September of 2015. I remember feeling very excited, even more anxious and the moment I walked through the doors everything I had just learned left my brain. Luckily, Garrett showed up to help me get through that first class (running, squats, wallballs and cleans) and introduced me to other members. As soon as I experienced how truly welcoming and supportive everyone was the nerves went away.  It felt so good to try something completely foreign; a workout unlike anything I had ever done.  I was so far out of my comfort zone but I knew I wanted to come back the very next day.

2) What are you short-term and long-term CrossFit goals?

Both short and long-term goals seem to change regularly. The day I saw rope climbs those initial nerves from day one came right back with a vengeance but I wanted to try and climb.  Now I’d like to achieve legless climbs.  The elusive double-under seemed to take a year and half of being frustrated at my inability to jump and lots of ankle whips and then one day they just clicked.  Now I’d like to get to 100 unbroken.

Besides trying to achieve movements like muscle-ups, handstand walks and strict handstand pushups…there’s plenty of goals to accomplish just in practicing smart form and lifting things overhead.  Then there’s being more efficient with pacing on the rower and bike.  So goals seem to get adjusted and the list gets a little longer each time I think of what I need and want to work on.

3) What are your hobbies outside of CrossFit?

Outside of the gym, I’m most grateful for any time I spend with my partner, George, as well as time outdoors running, cycling and exploring cities and museums.

4) Fun facts?

If the world was ending and I had to choose a last meal it would be a roast chicken, with sweet potato and a salad. Lame… I know.  And an entire apple pie.

If I could bring one thing to a deserted island…besides my partner, it would be an iPod.

If I had to swap lives with a celebrity it would really be with someone sports or arts related who’s work has made a mark and provided some inspiration for others to achieve their own goals. Maybe someone like runner Usian Bolt or a Spanish artist I admire, Antonio Lopez Garcia, who works tirelessly on his art well into his 80’s.

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