Monthly Member Shoutout – Snakes on a Wayne

How did to come to be a part of The Port?

A couple of my best friends recommended The Port to me after I had just moved to the area and pretty much hit the reset button on life. They told me it would be a good outlet for me and a great way for me to make some friends in the area. So they linked me up with Justin and here we are.

What’s the biggest thing that has changed in response to joining?

There are so many things that have changed in the short time I’ve been a member. Things like just overall feeling better/healthier on a daily basis and feeling more energetic, having way more confidence inside and outside of the gym, but I think the biggest change I’ve noticed is I’m seriously in the best shape I’ve ever been. I’ve dropped nearly 30 lbs since joining and that blows my mind.

What’s your favorite/least favorite CrossFit movement?

Favorite is probably the push jerk. It was the easiest for me to learn when I first started, so I always looked forward to it whenever it popped up in a WOD. Least favorite is definitely the overhead squat. OHS are like kryptonite to me, I couldn’t even do them with a PVC when I started. Embarrassing I know, but I’ll conquer them eventually.

What picture is your iPhone wallpaper?

Lock screen is a Harley logo, Home screen is a picture of the American flag I was given at my grandfather’s service when he passed away.

What was the last thing you googled?

“How to diagnose a bad throttle position sensor on a 2007 Harley Street glide”

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