Tuesday – 12/7

The Port


500m Row; Increasing in Intensity.

+ 3 Rounds:
8 Burpees
6ea DB Deadlifts
6ea DB Curl To Press
6ea Single Arm Ring Row

Extended Warm-up

2 Sets:
:15 Ring Support Hold
:10 Bottom of Dip Hold
10t Lunges


Muscle-ups (12-15 Min Coach-Led Drills and Work)

Burn Strength

A1: Banded Lat Pull-Down (4 X 20)
A2: Push-ups (4 X 8)
*Hover Push-Ups. Set yourself up where you can complete some full ROM push-ups. At the bottom of each rep, just above the surface, hold for 2-3 seconds per rep.
B: Hollow hold, banded pull-overs (Accumulate 60 reps)


For Time Under a 15 Min Hard Cap:
12 – 9 – 6
Ring MU
DB Devil’s Press (50/35)
DB Suitcase Step-Ups (Each)

Burn WOD

400m Row
8 Burpee Deadlifts
8 Renegade Rows w/ Push-Up*
24t Single DB Step-Ups

*1 Rep = Push-Up + Row R + Row L


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