WOD – Friday 7/31

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 3 rounds
10 kip swings/8 pull-ups/6 C2B
10 sit-ups
10 air squats

All tracks
10 rounds total – PARTNER WOD!!!!
9 C2B
12 v-ups
15/12 cals AB
Partner 1 completes full round, while partner 2 rests.
Find the toughest progression for pull-ups possible; strict banded, kipping pull-ups, or any type of row

Fathom – in length, this will be a longer WOD, but because it is a partner workout and you are completing full rounds, you are only working half the time
Gear – think intervals with a work to rest ratio of 1:1. Go hard each time it is your turn
Knots – every one of these movements and rep numbers should challenge you but not so much that you have to break up the sets or bog way down in your pace. If holding 9 reps of the C2B are too challenging, either drop the number or change the movement to make going unbroken more realistic.
Current – even though it is a partner WOD, you will not be sharing space or equipment. You will complete your rounds in your square and on your spot on the rig, while your partner will do the same in theirs. When you are done with your cals on the AB, signal your partner who will probably already be at the rig to start their round.

Some thoughts from Coach Ashley

So logistically,
You are still staying in YOUR box, not sharing a pull-up bar or equipment or anything. This could even work with someone who isn’t exactly next to you, square wise, as long as you can see your partner and communicate that way, although I think probably it’s the most fun if you’re working out with someone in the nearest box to you.

10 rounds total – 5 rounds each. I am going to plan for this taking somewhere between 19-26 minutes, I want to use today to talk about maintaining a stimulus and building an appropriate workout for you, knowing that a partner WOD has a specific stimulus and intensity. With that said though, perhaps today is a day where we scale that calorie number down in order to keep up the intensity on the bike and interval-style feel of a partner WOD. In fact, any piece of this could be tweaked slightly in order to keep it challenging, but do-able, and able to move through without a ton of rest WITHIN your work period. For example, holding 6 chest-to-bar or 9 pull-ups. Going for 12 tuck-ups or 8 v-ups a round.

Extra credit strength
A1. DB strict press – 3x8e
A2. DB lat pull-over – 3×12

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