WOD – Friday 8/21

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, squat clean and jerk base warm-up
3 to 5 reps at each position
High hang dip and drives
High hang dip, drive and high pulls
High hang muscle clean
High hang squat clean
Strict press
Hang squat clean
Push press
Squat clean
Push jerk

Squat clean and jerk – 1 rep every :45 for 9 minutes total
You will be completing 12 lifts so start on the lighter side and look to build every rep.

Every :45 for 9 min total, complete 10t DB hang squat clean and jerks

15 min AMRAP
200m run
8 power clean and jerks (135/95#)

15 min AMRAP
200m run
15 KBS

Fathom – 15 min workout with a lot of running
Gear – get in the middle lane and settle into a good pace
Knots – there is a good opportunity to push one aspect of this workout. If you feel as though you are a good runner, but barbells are your weakness then pace your runs and come in and really push the pace of your reps on the clean and jerks. If you are a good lifter but struggle with runs. Pace the reps on the bar and focus on really trying to push the runs.
Current – once you come in from your run, it’s all square time

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