WOD – Saturday 8/22

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, TABATA, x2
8 rounds of each, but alternating movements.
Hollow hold
Flutter kicks

2 rounds
10 wall balls
8 step-ups
6 kip swings/T2B

All tracks
20 min AMRAP
Partner 1 completes
15 wall balls
12t DB step-ups
9 T2B
Partner 2 accumulates as many meters on the rower as possible. Switch when P1 finishes the T2B.
*sub laying toe touches for T2B

Fathom – partner WOD!!! 10 minutes of working time each
Gear – think intervals here, go hard when it’s your time, move the rower when it isn’t
Knots – have a strategy here. How are you and your fitness buddy going to approach this workout? Make sure the movements and weights are scaled enough so that when you are working through them, you do not have to stop. Finding a way to keep moving is the name of the game. Move quickly through the wall balls, step-ups, and T2B and then downshift when you get on the rower.
Current – You will have all your own equipment in your square and your own spot on the rig. When your partner is done with the last T2B, you will get off your rower and head to your wall ball. Sharing is normally caring, but being responsible and socially distancing yourself is true love.

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