WOD – Saturday 7/11

10/8 cals row
10 deadlifts
10 strict press
10 front squats
8/6 cals row
8 hang cleans
8 front squats
6/4 cals row
6 hang squat cleans

Warm up and build in the hang squat clean.

EMOM for 10 min
1 DB hang squat clean + 10 DB squats
Alternate arms every minute.

500m row hang squat cleans
Must increase weight every round
Fathom – moderate length
Gear – 4th gear and steady.
Knots – weight on the bar should increase and the later rounds might force you to break up the reps, but once you are done, get back on the rower and start rowing. I know you will be breathing hard and your HR will be up, but just start rowing.
Current – all self-contained.

5 rounds
500m row
8e DB hang squat cleans

Core Work
All tracks
TABATA hollow holds

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