WOD – Saturday 7/18

Spend 2 min in Z1
Then, 3 rounds
10 banded good mornings
20t reverse lunges
10 glute bridges

All tracks
3 rounds
10 DB deadlifts
10 DB front rack reverse lunges
10 weighted glute bridges

All Tracks
5 min AMRAP
SA DB devils press
DB step-ups
ME box jump overs in the time remaining
Rest 2:00, x3
Fathom – 5 min AMRAP’s are short and fast, not to mention they require a max effort at the end. However the total working time is 15 minutes, so this about that when you pick your pace.
Gear – out of all the week’s workouts, this one might hit highest on the pain index. It is meant to, so hammer down and hold on. Try to use the rest to your favor and get the heart rate down, control your breathing, and let your muscles recover as much as possible. You win today by not having the highest score, but being the most consistent.
Knots – nothing tremendously high skill, but both movements can be wildly inefficient. Try to practice good movement before you start. Grab a realistic DB and get through the 14/10/6 couplet as fast as you can. As soon as you do, accumulate as many box jump-overs as you can.
Current – all self-contained in your fitness square

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