WOD – Saturday 9/26

9 min EMOM
:20 to :30 of work
1. KBS
2. burpees
3. box jumps
4. cals on AB

All tracks
24 min EMOM
1. 20 KBS (53/35#)
2. 8 burpee box jumps
3. 18/15 cals AB
4. Rest

Fathom – 24 minute EMOM. So if you are smart, you will only be working for :40 per minute, meaning you will only be working for 12 minutes total.
Gear – similar to bike sprints, go hard for :40 and rest for :20
Knots – each piece should be a sprint, tons of time to recover. The bike will be the exception. You will have to use the entire minute to get the calories. That’s ok right? You have the next minute completely off.
Current – square fitness

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