WOD – Sunday 10/4

2 or 3 rounds
200m run
16t lunges
12 wall balls

All tracks
Every 4:00 for 16:00 total
400m run w/med ball
20 med ball lunges
ME row with time remaining (meters)

Fathom – moderate in length. 16 minutes of work
Gear – this one is going to feel a lot longer than 16 minutes because there is no rest between rounds. You are off the rower and back on the run.
Knots – find a way to sustain a pretty aggressive pace in the run and row. With a medicine ball, the perceived effort will be much higher than of a normal run, so be aware and do not hold yourself to the same standard as a normal run. Your times will be a little slower, and that is ok.
Current – out and in, all while being respectful

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