WOD – Sunday 8/30

3 rounds
200m run
10 Russian KBS
10 goblet squats
10t step-ups

Core work
All tracks
3 rounds
20t plank hold, plate switches
20t Russian twists, slow
20t Paloff press

All tracks
18 min EMOM
1. 250/200m row
2. KB complex
3. 5 high box jumps
KB complex is 8 Russian KBS and 8 goblet squats

Fathom – 18 min EMOM where you need to find a way to earn a rest every minute otherwise it will be a very long 18 minutes
Gear – work hard for :30 to :40 of each minute
Knots – the row might be the hardest part to complete in the tie frame, so you might want to think about getting no rest between minute 1 and minute 2. If you work efficiently with the KB you will have plenty of time after the squats.
Current – all in your box with your own equipment

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